IT Support Management tools


The ticketing system has helped many businesses to track their open cases, simultaneously pining their experts to take a close look at customer’s problems & troubleshoot as soon as possible. The customer service industry solely runs on the ticketing system & this is not anymore a secret. The ticketing system has organized communication into channels from scratch, and all the workflow has changed massively. This has resulted in expanding customer reach & ultimately, as a business, you accomplish your objectives by serving easy touchpoints or contact points.


  1. HubSpot

 HubSpot’s help desk tool maintains a clean dashboard by recording, organizing & tracking tickets. A team can check the status of the ticket as well as the customer has access to it with synchronization. Analyzing data is no more hectic with HubSpot& leaves enough room for managers to coach & mentor teams as well as sharing ideas with the product & service development team & lastly providing feedback to the sales & advertising team.


  1. HappyFox

This help desk tool provides automation in ticketing systems with pre-fill ticket priorities making it easy for reps to assign and create tickets. It creates a linear uniform layout for all tickets in a single user-friendly dashboard.


  1. Live Agent

This software automates communication with customers tickets organizing service requests to a particular team & then to an employee to resolve the customer issue. It helps employees to streamline information across the organization & different departments with ease. It has a forum & knowledgebase to supplement & nourish ticketing issues faced by any organization.


  1. Azure desk

It has no limit in registering email addresses & this makes it unique from others. They are compatible to support apps like Jira& Slack into their ticketing system, providing deep API structure for service & request integration.



CRM systems are revolutionizing sales aspects of any organization. They are becoming more intuitive & A.I., making your sales & marketing team efficient enough to easily propose their deals & proposition. Most of the CRM support tools are quintessential for B2B sales. And have mutated to cloud-based as well as on-premises platforms. Sole traders to a large organization with employees of different sizes & asset values can integrate easy coordination & communicate smoothly.


  1. Salesforce Sales cloud

This CRM system is available for every business line, irrespective of its size. It shifts the focus of the team to sales opportunities & is accessible through mobile devices also. It integrates social media signals into its domain.


  1. Zoho CRM

It focuses more on lead conversion than only Customer support, and this tool is a cloud-based platform which is compatible with all sort of devices. It works wonder for B2B sales opportunities.


  1. TOPdesk

It gets your service department to work together easily & to connect with the customer, and this flagship is a highly modular &cloud-based ITSM desk& asset management solution. They specialize in software specification & facility management.


  1. Jira service desk

Simply collaborative, this ITSM tool offers support management tools that help in delivering IT service, fast and reliable. The service management processes match the way team works, custom to specific needs with an ecosystem of integration & marketplace.


 HRM Support Tools:

HR has to juggle different hats every time. It no more a personnel management department where only attendance & attrition were recorded. It has evolved so much so that, without an HR department, any organization can cripple very soon. There are a lot of complicated processes involved in HR services, but ITSM support tools have soothed the complications.


  1. KIssFlow HR cloud

This is a multi-channel access HR cloud tool that allows innumerable creation, modification, and management of HR processes. It has a separate ATS & employee onboarding & performance review feature for succession management. It also integrates with ERP systems & payroll software with no compatibility issues and no risk of data loss.


  1. ZOHO People

This cloud-based HRMS support tool helps in organizing employee data, documenting, managing timesheets, customizing forms & performance appraisal.


  1. ADP

It is also a cloud-based HR tool but with specific solutions like it integrates every HR function under a single umbrella. HR, Payroll, Talent acquisition, time, Tax, benefits & compensation all under single dashboard & a click away. It has been popular in 110 countries globally, supporting every scale of business. It has also been awarded an AA credit rating from Standard & Poor & Moody’s.



Every aspect of the business is now robust & reliant to IT. Without process automation, cloud storage, user-friendly UI, we don’t foresee the growth of any organization, be it a small or large one. These tools have changed dynamically on how business was done. With a ticketing tool, your customers are happy; with HR, sales & finance tools, your employees are happy.


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